Welcome To KPOP SHOW!

27 Dec

I’m the first admin, Syikin will provide you link for korean show with eng sub.

Weither hard sub, soft sub or captions, we’ll try to provide.

From Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook and more.

Here are the shows that I’m going to post first :-

1. Invincible Youth

2. Exploration of The Human Body

3. Adonis Camp

4. We Got Married Yonghwa & Seohyun

5. We Got Married Victoria & Nickhun

6. SNSD’s  Hello Baby

7. SHINee’s  Hello Baby

8. T-Ara’s Hello Baby

9. f(x) Koala

10. Star Golden Bell (any episode)

11. Family Outing 2

If you want me search any shows, just request.


One Response to “Welcome To KPOP SHOW!”


  1. [Video with ENG Sub] Yunho and Changmin’s comment on the lawsuit on Knee Drop Guru (3/2/11) | mission4jyj - April 12, 2011

    […] Welcome To KPOP SHOW! […]

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